Creativity’s Big Opportunity

The world’s entering a new and uncertain era. This transformation demands new ways of thinking and doing things. Creativity is our savior to step into the post-pandemic dimension.

Out of a crisis exists two paths: make excuses or create opportunities. These unprecedented times have proved that the economy scrambles easily, that job stability is just an illusion,and that the whole economic system survives on a month-to-month basis. 

The unemployment rates are historic. The number of unemployed people in the OECD area increased by 18.4 million to 55 million last April. The United States accounted for the main part of this increase, with a rise in unemployed of 15.9 million. These mass job losses are redesigning the job market, raising an uncertain and dark future. With a global economy trying to awaken in slow motion, uncertainty has paralyzed millions of people about their future in the short and long term.

All these circumstances lead us to gain clarity to envision one way that will make us be on track for a new and promising future: creativity. Creativity can not be shut down. Here I share pivotal lessons I have learned through the pandemic to come back stronger and unshakable. 

  1. Be online and stay online. The bigger job losses concentrated in customer service jobs such as retail shops and restaurants. In-presence jobs such as events and other suffered losses as well. The winners were those with a strong presence online and jobs that can be done remotely. Creating an online community and providing them with online solutions guarantees a more bullet-proof future.
  2. Scale your skills for remote work. Dominating digital skills according to your field and also platforms as Zoom and others will give you competitive advantage in the market. 
  3. Focus on people’s needs. Rather than focusing mainly on your product or service, become obsessed with your clients. This requires to get to know them better, know their fears, embrace their illusions, and offer them the solutions that best fit them. 
  4. If you have a job, get a side-hustle. Relying on just one income source means a bigger risk for your finances. The false illusion that job stability exists finally made us awake. The same happens with your investments. The broader your income source is, the lower risks you’ll face in the future. 
  5. Expect surprises. Financial crises are cyclic. Every five years the stock market adjusts itself. Worst case scenario is a pandemic or any major change in the markets. Besides that, personal surprises are always on the threat; it can be a laid-off, an accident, health issues, the loss of loved ones. Economically, these possible surprises should make you think about building a financial cushion that allows you to be unshakable amid any situation. 
  6. Anticipate the future. Nobody can predict the future, but envisioning it creates more perspectives about how things can turn in the long term. Take a look at current trends in terms of workplace, consumer behavior, new habits, and global shifts in terms of environment and social issues. Ask yourself what can be created to make life easier and more inclusive.

What’s your best lesson to build a bullet-proof future?

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