Truth is always the same...

Working closely with companies, organizations, and business leaders, I understand the inner power of words: to inspire and create impactful change.

Hi, I'm Laura Peralta.

With a BA in Communications and after a successful career in journalism and conference production in the leading media companies of the Dominican Republic, I moved to New York City to pursue new life and career experiences.
I entered into the fashion industry, getting insights on consumer behavior, sales, and client relationships along with luxury brands in a global environment.
My experience covering business, female leadership, and entrepreneurship, along with my experience in fashion, has allowed me to reimagine my career path in a hive of cross-disciplinary collaboration and renovate my entrepreneurial approach to communications. 
That’s why I’ve created a space for new and engaging conversations on both private and public scenarios, making connections across industries where words are the foundation.
From personal, to business and social stories, I firmly believe in the life-changing power of words.

How I can help

I help individuals and companies shape their stories in ways that resonate with their audiences.
Live & Virtual Events

Production of live and virtual programs, agenda writing, speaker recruitment, sales proposals, and on-stage lead.

Writing & Editing

Production of high-quality content for print and digital platforms, delivering creative angles for editorial and branded content.

Public Speaking

Writing and delivering compelling speeches to connect with your audience and inspire them to take action.


Define your narrative, shape your story, and communicate it effectively to the audience you want to reach­.

Legacy Storytelling

Build your narrate legacy to help you perpetuate your success—and enable the next generations to learn from your experiences.

Personal Leadership

Tell stories of impactful people and businesses, along with lessons on leadership and innovation.


I am creative

Creativity fuels my work. I find inspiration in conversations, global affairs, art, films, and books, which lead to a resourceful style of work.


I am curious

What if? and Why not? are primary questions I ask myself and others to unleash great ideas that translate into great actions.


I am business woman

I think like an owner and execute strategies to reach company goals, while delivering great services and products to target audiences.


I am leader

Change starts when someone leads by example. That’s my work focus. I take massive action and deliver results driven by excellence.

I would love to hear about your new project!